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Intracytoplasmic injection (ICSI) is an assisted reproduction technique included in the treatment of in vitro fertilization (IVF) that has resulted in pregnancies in couples diagnosed with a severe male factor. The man will have to provide a sample of his sperm or, if necessary, will have to undergo a biopsy of the testicle to extract and select the best sperm that will be used to fertilize the ovocytes.
ICSI is indicated in the following cases:
• Men with low sperm counts
• Men who have had a vasectomy.
• Infectious disease or infertility of immune origin.
• Ejaculation difficulty
• When samples are cryopreserved for Men who have had a vasectomy or are undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


Duration of hospital stay
1 day.
The patient can leave the hospital or clinic after the transfer.
Average length of stay
2 to 3 days.
It will be necessary to visit the clinic at least twice. Several trips are made


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Before the treatment

Ovarian stimulation during IVF consists in administering a certain number of daily injections so that the ovaries produce several ovocytes, instead of producing only one as is the case each month and thus being able to obtain a greater number of embryos. Ultrasound scans will be performed (between 3 and 4) and the doctor will measure the estradiol level in the blood to verify that the growth and evolution of the follicles are normal.
After verifying, by ultrasound, that the follicles have reached the necessary size and that the number of ovocytes available is now sufficient, the doctor schedules the follicular puncture about 36 hours after giving an injection of HCG hormone that stimulates ovocyte maturation as if it were a natural cycle. The puncture is done in the operating room and under sedation so that the patient is not disturbed by this procedure, which will last about 15 minutes.

What does it involve?

Once the ovocytes have been obtained by follicular puncture and after selecting the spermatozoa with the best mobility and morphology, the doctor will proceed with microinjection of the ovocytes. During the ICSI process, the selected sperm will be placed inside a tiny pipette and injected directly into the ovocyte. Fertilisation is thus simplified and the embryos obtained will develop for 3 to 5 days in the laboratory before being implanted in the mother's uterus.
The procedure consists of transferring the most resistant embryos into the maternal uterus using a specially designed cannula. The operation is performed in the operating room even if in this case the administration of sedatives is not necessary as it is a quick and painless procedure.


After the treatment

Pre-embryos that have not been transferred are frozen in liquid nitrogen (this cryopreservation is known as vitrification), after which they will be stored in the embryo bank. They can be used in subsequent cycles if the first attempt is not successful.
After about 2 weeks, a blood pregnancy test is performed.
It is advisable to stay in bed for 20 to 30 minutes after the procedure. The patient can then return to the hotel.

About ICSI

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