This is your international network of medical experts. Medicaim is able to connect each patient to the best health practitioners under the constant supervision of a coordinating doctor.

Medicaim is a world of connected healthcare: superior quality care, shorter waiting times, affordable treatments, second opinion from a specialist on your health status, compare treatment costs, and make an appointment at a clinic or trusted hospital.

Medicaim is a platform that lists trusted hospitals and clinics around the world and is supported by an international network of high-level specialist physicians. On the same day as the request for treatment or a quote, the Internet user is in contact with the Medicaim team, which helps them organize their medical file and plan their trip abroad according to their wishes. It offers logistical and moral support 24 hours a day throughout the trip.

Medicaim improves access to healthcare for patients around the world. Medicaim is an easy-to-use platform and service that allows patients to get a second medical opinion, or to schedule high quality medical treatments at an affordable price abroad.

Medicaim, a new player on the international healthcare market, offers a qualitative leap in the practices that are used in "medical tourism". Thanks to a network of 650 recognized specialists who will join the system by 2018, Medicaim will be able to connect each patient to the best health practitioners under the constant supervision of a coordinating doctor.


Medicaim connects you with trusted professionals and is in partnership with internationally accredited institutions. For maximum comfort, the assistance also offers Visa assistance, translation of medical records, assistance from an interpreter on site and a VIP concierge service. The trip can be fully covered by Careteam Assistance.


A strong involvement in the world of health: Medicaim has chosen to support medical research in all fields: cancers, infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, rare diseases... To this end, the company donates 1% of its profits to institutes or foundations linked to medical research.


Medicaim is hosted on an OVH approved server, i.e. with a maximum level of security, according to the standards for health data considered as hyper sensitive. The sending and storage of medical records via the website as well as exchanges between patients and doctors are therefore protected according to the most rigorous standards.

Permanent control of a doctor

Constant control of a doctor: a dedicated Medicaim coordinating doctor examines the medical files sent by Internet users and sends a selection of estimates in return. The Internet user is thus in contact with an identified health professional, and not just with a simple anonymous telephone number.

Certified hospitals

JCI Certified Host Institutions: Medicaim only uses healthcare institutions accredited by JCI, the American association that validates the quality of healthcare institutions' equipment and intervention techniques as well as the professional background of their physicians and surgeons.

Full documentation

Medicaim provides Internet users with a complete and validated explanation of the pathologies, the various existing medical and surgical treatments and the precautions to be taken before and after each type of intervention. This informative space also gives access to the directory of certified clinics and hospitals and to the reference database of partner specialist doctors, selected for the quality of their practices and their level of results, indicating in particular the surgical procedures that they prefer.


At the beginning of Medicaim: a service to be rendered to a friend suffering from cancer

In 2015, a French couple is helping one of their friends with lung cancer in the USA to get treatment in France from a renowned oncologist, at a much lower cost than the price in their country. This help makes them aware that many patients in the same situation are totally helpless, not knowing where to go for treatment. It is to meet this need that they created Medicaim in June in New York, where demand is high, and its French and English subsidiaries in the process. Medicaim's goal is to provide access to quality democratic care, regardless of location, time or budget. Medicaim brings together accredited clinics from all over the world. So, whether you are looking for affordable coronary bypass surgery or breast surgery, Medicaim allows patients and clinics to meet.

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