Fertility consultation

What you need to know

Fertility is multifactorial, and is more or less influenced by psychological state, quality of life, general health, diet or medication.
Generally 80% of pregnancies occur within the first six months of desire, so all medical authorities now advise to consult a doctor after one year of regular sexual intercourse, without contraception. This advice should be adjusted according to the woman's age and the background of each member of the couple. Faster exploration should be initiated if the woman is over 35 years of age, or if there are suspected problems in either man or woman.
Fertility refers to the ability to reproduce. Female fertility involves the presence of sexual organs without abnormalities: a functional uterus, tubes and ovaries, an absence of hormonal abnormalities with apparent menstrual cycles. In men, fertility involves the production of sperm in sufficient quantity and quality and the ability to ejaculate.
In case of fertility problems, you should consult a gynaecologist, an infertility specialist or refer to an infertility centre.


Duration of hospital stay
1 day.
The patient will be able to leave the hospital or clinic after the examination.
Average length of stay
2 says.

Fertility consultation
Fertility consultation

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Before the treatment

The first consultation and in particular the interrogation of the couple occupy a fundamental place in the exploration of an infertile couple, so it is necessary to prepare it well.

What does it involve?

During your first visit to an AHR clinic, the physician who will receive you will first review your medical file, reproductive history and the treatments already followed or underway at that time. If the doctor deems it necessary, the doctor may prescribe additional tests and perform a gynaecological examination.
If the doctor has all the necessary information, he or she will determine the applicable fertility treatment, prescribe the drugs to be taken or give you a number of additional tests. In some cases, the doctor may prefer to wait for certain results before deciding on the treatment to be followed.

Fertility consultation
Fertility consultation

After the treatment

Following the first consultation, it is usual to ask you immediately for a temperature curve, post-coital test (also called Huhner test or post-report test), spermogram and spermocytogram, serology control, rubella and toxoplasmosis or even cytomegalovirus, if they have not yet been done.

About Fertility consultation

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