Ultrasound of the ovary

What you need to know

Ultrasound of the ovaries is one of the basic examinations of the fertility check-up. With the help of ultrasound, it makes it possible to study the uterus and ovaries. Ultrasound is more precisely used to check the size and shape of the uterus, to measure its vascularization and to control the thickness of its mucous membrane (endometrium). It makes it possible to detect certain anomalies of the uterus, an hypertrophy of the mucous membrane or the existence of fibroids or polyps that could hinder nidation.
At the ovary level, pelvic ultrasound can detect cysts (which can alter the quality of ovulation) and assess the ovarian reserve, reflecting the ovaries' ability to produce good quality ovocytes. It is also one of the diagnostic tools for polycystic ovary syndrome that can cause no ovulation.
Pelvic ultrasound can be performed by a radiologist or a doctor trained in a radiology practice.


Duration of hospital stay
1 day.
The patient can leave the hospital or clinic after the ultrasound.
Average length of stay
1 to 2 days.
Only one visit is necessary.

Ultrasound of the ovary
Ultrasound of the ovary

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Before the treatment

The only preparation is to plan to arrive at the exam with a full bladder. It will be necessary to drink 500 ml to 1 litre of water, one to two hours before the ultrasound is performed.

What does it involve?

The patient is placed in a supine position, with the belly uncovered, the radiologist induces a conductive gel on the skin of the pelvis and pubis to facilitate the passage of ultrasound through the skin and to the intrapelvic organs as well as the sliding of the transmitting probe connected to the image pickup device.
For intravaginal ultrasound:
The patient is placed lying on her back. The probe is covered with a condom and then coated with gel. The doctor inserts the catheter into the vagina by gently moving it to get images from different angles to visualize the uterus, ovaries and bladder.
For intrarectal ultrasound:
The patient is placed on her side. The probe is covered with a condom and then coated with gel. The doctor inserts the probe into the anus by gently moving it to get images from different angles to examine the prostate and bladder.
The ultrasound of the ovaries takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Ultrasound of the ovary
Ultrasound of the ovary

After the treatment

Pelvic ultrasound is a basic examination that can guide the diagnosis and prescribe additional examinations if necessary.

About Ultrasound of the ovary

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