Retina detachment treatment

What you need to know

A detachment of the retina causes vision problems.
The retina is a membrane that lines the bottom of the eyeball. It contains cells that receive and analyze light signals. The information is then transmitted by the optic nerve to the brain, which reconstructs the image.
Retinal detachment is due to the presence of a small pocket of fluid under the retina. It occurs in only one eye but the risk of damage to the other eye is 10% within a period of generally less than 3 years.
In the vast majority of cases, retinal detachment is called rhegmatogen because it follows a tear in the retina that allows intraocular fluid to infiltrate and lift the retina from side to side. The detached area no longer works. In the absence of rapid processing, detachment continues.
• Diffuse light points appear in the visual field.
• Vision of flying flies.
• Presence of a pronounced shadow or a veil.
• Blurry vision.
• Loss of vision.


Duration of hospital stay
2 to 4 days.
The patient will usually be able to leave after the procedure.
Average length of stay
4 weeks.
The length of stay depends on the treatment.

Retina detachment treatment
Retina detachment treatment

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Before the treatment

The ophthalmologist will perform a visual acuity measurement, an eye pressure measurement and a fundus examination.
These examinations will make it possible to visualize the retina, diagnose detachment, locate the detached area and look for tears.
Both eyes are examined before the procedure

What does it involve?

The only treatment for retinal detachment is surgical. The procedure is performed while the patient is placed on his or her back in a sterile surgical environment. It consists in reapplying the detached retina. Depending on the severity of the detachment, different surgical techniques of varying complexity will be used.
The purpose of the intervention is to:
• Heal and seal holes and retinal tears
• Relax or remove vitreous humor pulls on the retina
• Puncture the subretinal fluid to flatten the retina
Very often, a gas bubble is introduced into the eye at the end of the procedure to press on the holes or tears in the retina during the healing process.
If the retina has only a tear or a hole without detachment, a simple laser treatment is necessary, without hospitalization.
In case of particularly severe retinal detachment, it is sometimes necessary to inject silicone oil into the eye in order to heal the patient. This silicone oil is most often removed a few months later.
A retinal detachment requires a hospitalization of 2 to 6 days depending on the severity. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia.
The intervention can last from 1 to 2 hours.

Retina detachment treatment
Retina detachment treatment

After the treatment

After the procedure, if a gas bubble has been introduced into the eye, you must place your head in the position prescribed by the surgeon for a total of 4 days.
Avoid any activities that may shake your eye (reading, driving, DIY, housework and sports activities).

About Retina detachment treatment

• Increased intraocular pressure.
• Intraocular hemorrhage.
• Formation of new tears.
• Infection.
• Atrophy.
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