Synovial cyst

What you need to know

A cyst is a pouch like a balloon filled with a viscous liquid called synovial fluid.
It manifests itself by a lump that develops on the top or front of the wrist but also on the base of the fingers.
It can be painful during compression or during certain movements.
Its size varies from a few millimetres to several centimetres and changes in volume are common.
Two types of cysts are observed. The cyst communicating with a joint is called an arthrosynovial cyst and the cyst developed at the expense of the tendon sheath is called a tenosynovial cyst.
These lumps are perfectly benign and are only annoying because of the pain they cause or because of the discomfort in certain movements, particularly on the wrist or because of an unsightly appearance.
It is never urgent to remove a synovial cyst because spontaneous evolution can be favourable with complete disappearance without any treatment.


Duration of hospital stay
A few hours.
The operation is performed under local-regional anesthesia of the arm.
Average length of stay
1 to 2 days.
No hospitalization unless specifically indicated."

Synovial cyst
Synovial cyst

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Before the treatment

If after several months, the cyst persists and causes any discomfort, an intervention can be proposed.
A regular preoperative check-up is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.
The anaesthetist will be seen in consultation at the latest 48 hours before the operation.
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
The operation is performed under local-regional anesthesia of the arm, sometimes with the help of ultrasound, without hospitalization unless otherwise indicated.
The surgeon will remove the cyst through an incision that will necessarily leave a scar and this procedure can result in stiffness of the wrist or finger operated on.
You will respect the fast recommended by the anaesthetist, namely 6 hours for solids and 2 hours for liquids before the operation.

What does it involve?

A technique for cleaning the synovial cyst by arthroscopy may also be proposed.
This method consists of introducing into the wrist through a small incision an optic called an arthroscope connected to a camera that allows the inside of the wrist to be seen on a television screen. Through another small incision, a device to spray or chop synovial tissue is used to cleanse the joints and resorb the cyst.
This method limits painful sequelae and scars.

Synovial cyst
Synovial cyst

After the treatment

Nevertheless, whatever the technique used, it should be noted that recurrences are not uncommon, requiring a surgical repeat in the event of persistent discomfort.
Rehabilitation sessions can be useful for wrist cysts.

About Synovial cyst

Possible common complications include hematoma, infection, recurrence of the cyst, unsightly scarring, joint stiffness and finally the painful regional complex syndrome that manifests itself in a swollen, stiff and painful hand and requires prolonged treatment.
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