Reconstruction of the aeromammalian plate

What you need to know

After reconstructing the volume and shape of the breast, it is advisable to propose a reconstruction of the nipple-areolar plate (areola + nipple) in order to completely restore this symbol of femininity that is the breast.
The purpose of the surgery is to reconstruct a colored areola and a central relief like a nipple.
However, this simple reconstruction makes it possible to better integrate the reconstructed breast into ones personal psychological state.
The operation can be performed when the volume of the reconstructed breast is considered stabilized.


Duration of hospital stay
24 hours.
simple local anesthesia.
Average length of stay
2 to 4 days.
Most often performed on an outpatient basis.

Reconstruction of the aeromammalian plate
Reconstruction of the aeromammalian plate

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Before the treatment

It is not necessary to perform a new surgical check-up unless a more invasive procedure is associated.
A new anaesthesia consultation, at least 48 hours before the operation, is only mandatory if a mild sedation is considered or if a more invasive procedure requiring general anaesthesia is associated with areolar reconstruction.
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
Type of anesthesia:
It is a simple local anaesthesia, unless an associated procedure is performed. Sedation can be offered to the most worried patients.
Hospitalization conditions:
Ce geste est réalisé le plus souvent en ambulatoire. Une hospitalisation n’est envisagée que si l’on associe à la reconstruction aréolaire un geste plus invasif nécessitant une anesthésie générale.

What does it involve?

There are several techniques for reconstructing the areola:
Total skin grafting:
The skin is ideally removed from the genito-crural fold (groin fold) because it is naturally pigmented and appears brown when grafted into the breast area. This pigmentation is not always sufficient to reproduce the colour of the contralateral areola, but the result often appears long-lasting and natural. Secondary depigmentation can also be observed. This graft can be secondarily tattooed if necessary.
The peripheral half of the areola of the other breast can also be used if a surgical procedure is performed on the contralateral breast.
The tattoo:
This is the simplest technique, which consists in introducing a sterile pigment into the dermis. These tattoos require an additional session if they fade over time.
There are also several techniques to reconstruct the nipple, including:
The contralateral graft:
This is the technique of choice if the nipple is sufficiently projected and generous: part of it is removed and grafted on the other side. This gesture leaves almost no trace and does not alter the areolar sensitivity.
The local flaps:
A local flap of skin is removed and rolled up on itself restoring a central nipple relief. The sampling scar is hidden under a skin graft or tattoo that rebuilds the areola.
The procedure usually lasts half an hour. Finally, a light bandage is made.

Reconstruction of the aeromammalian plate
Reconstruction of the aeromammalian plate

After the treatment

The postoperative consequences are simple and do not require a work stoppage. Pain is most often moderate and quickly relieved by the usual analgesics.
In the event of a graft, if a bolster is made (a small ball of oily compresses firmly applied to the graft), it will be removed by the surgeon after five to seven days.
The other bandages can be made by the patient herself: a bandage of oily compresses applied to the skin graft every day.
At the first bandage, the grafts sometimes have a very white appearance (bloodless); this colouring quickly evolves towards a purplish appearance with slight bleeding. Crusts are possible. A more favourable appearance (pink grafting) appears in the following weeks.
The sutures will be removed on the 21st day.
It is advisable to wait until the healing process is complete before wetting the graft (careful showers).

About Reconstruction of the aeromammalian plate

After healing, a pink and well-softened areola restores the breast's natural and complete appearance, with the breast becoming a symbol of femininity again.
However, complications must be known and well understood. The following complications can be observed: skin necrosis, infection, hematoma, serous effusion, etc.
MEDICAIM organizes your entire stay for you: post-operative nursing care, biological follow-up, therapeutic, nutritional and psychological support.
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