Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall

What you need to know

Discomforts affecting the abdominal wall are particularly poorly felt and experienced.
In the correction of the abdominal wall there is not a single technique that can be applied to all cases. It is important to analyse the lesions carefully and to take into account several parameters: skin condition, the extent of fat overload, abdominal muscle tone, general morphology as well as the patient's demand and expectations. The most appropriate strategy for each case will then be deduced.
Basically in the presence of a request for surgical correction of the abdominal wall, two cases can be observed: either a abdominal liposuction will be considered alone or a abdominoplasty will have to be used.
Abdominoplasty remains a fairly heavy procedure in plastic surgery but it has fully benefited from many technical improvements in recent years: lighter anesthetic procedures, so-called "superior high tension" techniques, padding methods, improved suture practices, improved bandages and compression sleeves…
This know-how has made it possible to significantly reduce risks, reduce the after-effects of surgery, improve the quality of results and optimize scar discretion, thus opening the indications to "lighter" cases that could previously have been rejected.
The purpose of such an intervention is to remove the most damaged skin (distended, scarred or stretch marks) and tighten the healthy peripheral skin.
At the same time, it can be combined with the treatment of localized fat overload by liposuction and the treatment of lesions of the underlying abdominal muscles (diastasis, hernia).


Duration of hospital stay
2 to 5 days.
Abdominoplasty almost always requires general anesthesia.
Average length of stay
2 weeks.
Abdominoplasty is a heavy procedure."

Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall
Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall

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Before the treatment

A regular preoperative check-up is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.
The anesthesiologist will be seen in consultation no later than 48 hours before the procedure.
Stopping possible oral contraception may be required, particularly in cases of associated risk factors (obesity, poor venous condition, coagulation disorder).
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
A skin preparation (such as antiseptic soap) is usually recommended the day before and the morning of the procedure.
It is essential to remain fasting (do not eat or drink anything) 6 to 7 hours before the operation.
Type of anesthesia: This surgery almost always requires a general anesthesia during which you are completely asleep.
Hospitalization conditions: The duration of hospitalization varies from 2 to 5 days.

What does it involve?

Each surgeon adopts a technique that is unique to him/her and that he/she adapts to each case to obtain the best results.
The line of the incisions which corresponds to that of the future scars has already been mentioned: it is made according to the location and quantity of damaged skin: in practice, the longer the scar, the greater the quantity of tissue to be removed.
Excess fat can be removed by lipoaspiration and the stressed muscles are tensioned.
The remaining skin (above the navel) is dragged down and can benefit from "padding" to reattach it to the underlying muscle wall, thus improving tensioning (especially of the upper part) and blocking the detachment space and limiting the risk of effusion.
At the end of the operation, a shaping bandage is made, associated or not with the installation of a compression sheath.
The duration of the intervention varies between 90 minutes and 3 hours depending on the importance of the work to be done.

Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall
Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall

After the treatment

Bandages should be applied for about 15 days after the procedure. Wearing a support girdle is recommended for 2 to 4 weeks, day and night.
The pains are variable but generally bearable with treatment adapted essentially to this type of tension and abdominal aches with discomfort to deep breathing.
A work interruption of 2 to 4 weeks is required.
The scar is often pink during the first 2 to 3 months and then generally fades after the 3rd month and gradually for 1 to 3 years. It should not be exposed to the sun or UV rays for 3 months.
The practice of sport can be gradually resumed from the 6th week after the operation.

About Plastic surgery of the abdominal wall

The purpose of this surgery is to improve, not to achieve perfection. If your wishes are realistic, and you are ready to assume the scarring ransom, the result should give you great satisfaction.
However, this is an important and delicate surgery for which the quality of the indication and the rigour of the surgical procedure do not in any way protect against a certain number of imperfections or even complications.
By choosing a qualified and competent Plastic Surgeon trained in this type of operation, you limit these risks as much as possible, but do not completely eliminate them.
MEDICAIM is looking for the best specialists for you and we will offer you several renowned doctors.
MEDICAIM organizes your entire stay for you: post-operative nursing care, biological follow-up, therapeutic, nutritional and psychological support.
Potential risks
Thromboembolic accidents (phlebitis, pulmonary embolism), hematoma, infection, skin necrosis.

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