Penis surgery or penoplasty

What you need to know

Penoplasty or aesthetic phalloplasty allows for elongation and/or enlargement and is intended for men whose penises are most often within normal limits, but which cause them physical and psychological concerns.
Penoplasty or widening phalloplasty allows a gain on the circumference of the penis both at rest and in erection. This is the most frequent intervention.
Penoplasty or elongation phalloplasty, which is only effective on the penis at rest, is often aimed at athletes because it cannot improve men who have an ambition for their sex life.
These two interventions can be performed alone or in combination. Other complementary procedures can be performed: head of the penis augmentation injections, frenulum plasty, foreskin plasty or circumcision.
The enlargement is done through a lipostructure also called lipomodelling or reinjection of autologous fat. It consists in increasing the size of the penis by injecting it with fat. Lipostructure is a technique that has been used for several years in many plastic surgery procedures. It is an auto-grafting of fat cells by reinjection of the fat taken from the patient himself. The site of fat collection is variable. Modern fat transfer techniques allow for a harmonious distribution of the fat.
This results in an increase in the volume of the penis both at rest and in erection. This is a very capable method and the result is definitive provided the patient maintains the same weight.
Stretching is achieved by releasing the suspensory ligament from the penis that connects the corpus cavernosum to the pubic bone in order to de-bury the sex. Thus, the penis is externalized and the cavernous bodies are released. This results in an elongation of 3 to 6 cm, but the gain is only for the penis.


Duration of hospital stay
12h to 24h.
A one-night stay in hospital is usually required.
Average length of stay
3 days.
Rapid intervention."


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Before the treatment

The patient's motivations and requests will have been analysed.
It is essential for your surgeon to know your sex life well before making an operating decision. You should therefore not be surprised by a precise interrogation about your intercourse, your erections… Depending on the case, he may even refer you to a urologist, a sexologist or an andrologist.
In the event of a functional problem such as erectile dysfunction, medical treatment can be offered to optimize your result. He or she may sometimes advise you to consult as a couple.
No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
Preventive treatment is recommended in subjects prone to genital herpes to avoid a post-operative rash.
Pubic shaving is usually not necessary for enlargement. On the other hand, for elongation, it is advisable not to shave yourself before the operation; it is directly in the room that depilation will be performed under optimal asepsis conditions.
It is essential to remain fasting (do not eat or drink anything) 6 to 7 hours before the operation.
Type of anaesthesia:
Enlargement is most often performed under vigilant anesthesia, i.e., a thorough local anesthesia with tranquilizers administered intravenously.
Elongation phalloplasty almost always requires a conventional general anaesthesia during which you sleep completely.
Hospitalization conditions:
Enlargement is generally carried out on an outpatient basis, i.e. with a discharge the same day after a few hours of supervision. The patient can then return home as soon as his/her general condition allows. However, for social, family or personal reasons, a short hospital stay may be considered.
For elongation, a one-night stay in hospital is usually necessary.
Treatment to temporarily suppress erections is started at this stage to ensure a peaceful healing.

What does it involve?

Each surgeon adopts a technique that is unique to him/her and that he/she adapts to each case to obtain the best results.
The fat is removed atraumatically with a thin suction cannula through well concealed incisions on the belly, thighs or other area depending on the case. The choice of collection sites depends on the amount of fat deemed necessary and the possibilities. The amount of fat collected depends on the patient's reserves and also on the morphology of the penis. The fat is then treated by washing and centrifugation (Coleman technique). Then it is reinjected from small incisions using fine cannulas in the form of micro particles between the skin of the penis sheath and the corpus cavernosum, making many independent paths to obtain a harmonious result.
Lipostructure is a definitive method but the grafted fat cells are sensitive to changes in the patient's weight, so it is advisable to have weight stability. The head of the penis is not modified.
At the end of the procedure, a light bandage is placed on the penis and on the fat collection points. Depending on the surgeon and the clinical case, the operation can last between one hour and one hour and a half.
The release of the suspensory ligament from the penis is performed according to techniques which are specific to each surgeon who will be able to adapt them to your case. Thus, the incision pattern results in a scar of variable shape, either inverted Y-shaped on the pubis and descending onto the scrotum, or Z-shaped. Sometimes, depending on the morphology of the scrotum, a small additional incision is necessary at the root of the penis on the sacs.
A non-compressive hermetic bandage is made at the end of the procedure.
The improvement obtained (3 to 6 cm) depends on the anatomical conditions encountered and is therefore impossible to predict in the preoperative period.

Penis surgery or penoplasty
Penis surgery or penoplasty

After the treatment

Any untimely erection should be adjusted by preventive medical treatment.
Each surgeon has his/her own protocol and proposes it to his patient. Antibiotic therapy is usually prescribed.
The penis appears very swollen during the days following the operation, with a result "too good to be true" linked to post-operative oedema. Pulling back the foreskin may not be possible in the first few days. It is then advisable to wait without trying to force it. The gradual deflation of the first few days should not worry you either, because it is about the disappearance of the oedema and not about the melting of the fat.
The fat collection areas, which sometimes remain ecchymotic for about ten days, rarely limit physical activity. Showers are allowed the next day. No bandage is required.
Wearing loose boxers is recommended during the first few weeks and not the one of briefs that could cause inadequate compression.
A work interruption is generally not necessary.
Sutures usually disappear within ten to fifteen days, when healing is achieved.
It is advisable to wait two to three weeks for the gradual resumption of sexual activity, which remains possible as soon as the anti-erection treatment is completed. The use of a lubricated condom will be appreciated to avoid any irritation.
We recommend waiting one to two months to resume activities such as motorcycling, cycling or horse-riding.
Edema and bruising are common after elongation.
Careful and very cautions local treatments will be carried out daily for about ten days until complete healing.
The wearing of support briefs over the bandages is mandatory for fifteen days to avoid any traction on the scar.
It is recommended to wait three weeks for the gradual resumption of sexual activity.
A work interruption of 5 to 10 days should be provided for, depending on the nature of the professional activity. In most cases, sedentary work can be resumed quickly in the following days. Any physical activity is prohibited before complete healing.
We recommend waiting one to two months to resume activities such as motorcycling, cycling or horse-riding.

About Penis surgery or penoplasty

A period of 8 to 10 weeks is necessary to assess the final result. This is the time required for the entire edema to be absorbed and for the tissues to regain their full flexibility. The penis then has its final volume.
Potential risks Scars, infection, embolism, perforation of an internal organ, seroma, nerve modification, swelling, necrosis, burns (with ultrasound), hydro-electrolytic imbalance, risks related to anesthesia.
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