Laser tattoo removal

What you need to know

A tattoo is a drawing on the skin, resulting from the injection of ink or pigment, it remains permanently in the skin over the course of life. More than 1 in 3 patients then regret their tattoos. According to extensive surveys by medical associations, nearly 50% of tattoo wearers have considered taking action to remove their tattoos.
Laser tattoo removal is an effective, fast, and less painful method (less painful than tattooing) and limited to the design of the tattoo, not to the little surrounding.
**Why laser tattoo removal? **
• An outdated design
• Slackened and aging skin
• Professional requirements
• A change in lifestyle or tastes
• Washed tattoo
• Wrong position of the tattoo
• Replacing your tattoo


Duration of hospital stay
30 to 1 hour.
Anesthetic cream.
Average length of stay
24 to 48 hours.
Several sessions are necessary.

Laser tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal

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Before the treatment

Before each session, a first appointment will be made. During this first consultation, the doctor will examine your tattoo and give you a precise estimate, depending on the area to be treated and an informed consent form.
It is recommended to apply an anaesthetic cream (EMLA) to the entire area to be treated 1h30 before the laser session. The doctor will prescribe a prescription for you. The laser is equipped with a skin cooling system that considerably optimizes patient comfort. The tattoo removal session therefore remains relatively painless.

What does it involve?

The principle of laser tattoo removal is based on the absorption of light energy by the pigments of the tattoo. The particles fragment and the body will gradually absorb the ink in the weeks following the session. The laser mainly used is the Picosure, it is able to emit a picosecond pulse, i.e. 100 times shorter and more powerful than before.
During the session, the wearing of glasses is mandatory.
The benefits of the laser:
• Removes tattoos of all colors
• Offers better results in less sessions
• Removes permanent make-up
• It allows the skin to recover better between two sessions
• It also treats pigmented scars.

Laser tattoo removal
Laser tattoo removal

After the treatment

As the laser sessions progress, the unwanted tattoo disappears permanently. The number of sessions is variable and impossible to determine with certainty, especially at the beginning of the treatment. This depends on the characteristics of the inks used, the nature of the pigments, the amount of ink injected.
The cost of a tattoo removal session depends on several criteria: tattoo surface, monochrome or polychrome character, total or partial treatment of the tattoo, and specific locations (eyebrows, lip circumference, etc….).
At the end of the session, the doctor will apply locally a repairing cream, such as Cicalfate, Cicaplast, Eucerin, possibly covered with a protective pad, depending on the skin reaction. It should be applied several times a day, until the local reaction of your skin disappears.

About Laser tattoo removal

It is normal to notice a localized redness associated with a feeling of heat that disappears after a few hours. More rarely, hyper or hypo-pigmentation reactions are observed, which are reversible most of the time.
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