Laser rejuvenation

What you need to know

To treat the cutaneous ageing of skin damaged by time, sun or tobacco, laser rejuvenation offers excellent results. It acts on several consequences of aging by reactivating the stimulation of skin collagen fibers and targeting facial pigment and vascular defects.
Photorejuvenation or laser rejuvenation consists in erasing on the exposed parts of the body (mainly the face, neck, neckline and back of the hands) the signs of ageing linked to the harmful effects of the sun but also to other factors, such as genetic or vascular factors.
Photorejuvenation acts on the epidermis by "erasing" these signs of skin aging (hyper-pigmentation, lentigines, redness, dilated pores, rough appearance). This results in a renewed light and radiance of the skin and a unified complexion. These results are particularly sensitive among smokers.
**Which areas can be treated? **
The face:
• Smoothing of the face
• Reduction of fine lines
• Correction of dilated pores
• Correction of a dull complexion
• Correction of facial spots.
• Reduction of fine lines
• Firming of the skin
• Removal of brown spots.
At the level of the neckline:
• Firms the skin and reduces fine lines.


Duration of hospital stay
30 minutes.

Average length of stay
1 to 4 days.
Sometimes it is necessary to schedule several sessions (3 to 5)."

Laser rejuvenation
Laser rejuvenation

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Before the treatment

Laser rejuvenation does not require any anaesthesia.
Cleaning and disinfection of the skin.
The patient wears protective metal shells over the eyes and the doctor wears a suitable pair of glasses.
Laser rejuvenation treatment is a safe and virtually painless method thanks to the presence of a continuous cooling system that protects the patient's skin during the session.
A skin examination is essential before any laser session. Any previous tanning session, use of creams or self-tanning treatments are prohibited in advance.

What does it involve?

A session lasts on average 30 minutes.
The session is done through a computerized handpiece. The doctor directs the laser beam to the area to be treated. The density of the laser spot and the number of passes vary. During laser pulses, a slight tingling sensation is perceived.
It is recommended to do at least 5 sessions.

Laser rejuvenation
Laser rejuvenation

After the treatment

The results are visible from the first session and improve progressively. The maintenance treatment makes it possible to prolong the results obtained.
The skin is slightly pinkish, no bandage is necessary.
Sometimes brief redness appears during the night following the session.
Resumption of professional activities the next day.

About Laser rejuvenation

• Tanned skin
• Taking photosensitizing drugs
• Collagen disease
• Ongoing skin infection in the area to be treated
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding are contraindications in principle.
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