What you need to know

It can be performed by osteotomy (bone section), grafting or implant placement. This operation on the chin is sometimes associated with jaw surgery (maxillary and/or mandibular osteotomy) or rhinoplasty as part of a profileoplasty.
The goal is to obtain a chin of natural appearance that blends in with other facial features, is appropriate to the patient's psychology and personality and meets the patient's needs.


Duration of hospital stay
1 - 3 days.
the usual time of hospitalization is 1 to 2 days.
Average length of stay
5 days.
Genioplasty is a minor surgery."

Genioplasty or mentoplasty is an intervention that aims to modify the shape of the chin and possibly improve function (breathing, lip strap).
Genioplasty or mentoplasty is an intervention that aims to modify the shape of the chin and possibly improve function (breathing, lip strap).

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Before the treatment

The patient's motivations and requests will have been analysed. A careful study of the overall morphology of the face will have been made, as well as an endo-oral examination.
The expected result can be "evaluated" by photographs or computer retouching. The virtual image thus obtained is only a project that can help in understanding patients' expectations. It is not possible to commit to the fact that the end result will correspond to it in every aspect.
A regular preoperative check-up is carried out in accordance with the instructions.
The anaesthetist will be seen in consultation at the latest 48 hours before the operation. MEDICAIM takes care of it for you
Patients are advised to change their habits a few weeks before surgery to improve recovery. That is, quit smoking, reduce your alcohol consumption. No medication containing aspirin should be taken within 10 days of the procedure.
Type of anesthesia:
The procedure is performed under **classical general anaesthesia **during which you will be completely asleep.

What does it involve?

In most cases, the chin is tackled with an incision in the oral mucosa. The incision is therefore located inside the mouth at the lower lip. There is no external scar.
The surgeon cuts the chin below the roots of the teeth during the osteotomy, which allows the bone fragment to be moved in the direction planned before the operation. This fragment is then fixed by screws or mini plates (osteosynthesis).
Stitches are then placed in the mouth and disappear within 2 to 4 weeks or are sometimes removed in consultation.
In some cases, the correction of the chin anomaly may require a bone graft (usually taken from the skull or more rarely from the pelvis).
The modification can sometimes be obtained by an implant (prosthesis) placed through an incision made in the mouth.
Bone consolidation is achieved in one and a half months.


After the treatment

Mouth bleeds are common immediately after the procedure and are usually not severe. Edema of the lips and neck is quite frequent and sometimes severe. Mobility is almost always reduced at first. Sensitivity can also be reduced in the first few days in the lower lip, chin, teeth and gums. Pain will be relieved by analgesics.
Excellent oral hygiene is essential and mouthwashes will be prescribed for this purpose. Teeth and gums should be cleaned with an ultra soft brush after each meal; a water jet can also be used.
In some cases antibiotics will be prescribed for you.
To obtain healing under the right conditions, certain precautions must be observed: the food must be lukewarm or cold, rather soft and food that is too hot, too spicy or too acidic should be avoided.
The movement of the chin changes the face more or less significantly. However, it is necessary to monitor the outcome of the intervention after the swelling of the edema has melted by regular check-ups.

About Genioplasty

A period of two to three months is necessary to have a good appreciation of the result, knowing that the final aspect is generally obtained after about six months.
In some cases, the osteosynthesis equipment must be removed during another procedure at least 6 months after the first one.
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