Talk to a doctor wherever you are.

No need to wait. A doctor will answer you in less than 5 minutes. Everywhere, all the time our doctors are available 24/24.

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How does it work?

Video Consultations

Choose the subject of your consultation from the specialties and talk to the doctor on video. They assess the situation and guide you towards the best solution. If necessary, they will issue you a prescription for additional examinations or a medical prescription

A Doctor without waiting

Available 7 days a week, our doctors respond immediately to your e-consultation requests. Thanks to their reactivity, in a few minutes, you are fixed and you get a reliable and reassuring medical opinion that you need!

In every corner of the world

You are mobile, on holiday, on the move! Our reliable and efficient telemedicine service allows you to talk to a healthcare professional in a matter of moments, no matter where in the world you are. You can travel peacefully, we'll accompany you!

Whether your consultation involves a general medical question or a question that requires a specialist's advice, our doctors are here to answer you!

General practitioners and specialists to answer your questions

Our doctors and specialists are available to meet all your daily health needs. Medicaim is available from your computer.

All the doctors who answer you on Medicaim are holders of the Diploma of Doctor of Medicine and registered with the National Council of the Order in France.

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A simple and clear offer

General practitioners



Specialist doctors



It also includes the issuance, if necessary, of online prescriptions valid in France and throughout Europe.

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Are you a doctor?

Would you like to follow-up with your current patients using our telemedicine service?

For a fixed price subscription, you will be able to carry out unlimited teleconsultation with your patients!

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Medicaim is not an emergency service, for any emergency, call 112 (European emergency number).